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Ductless AC Benefits

Interested in all the Ductless AC Benefits Offered by NADACS?

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NADACS Ductless AC Benefits Over Window Units

  • Much more efficient, thus significant reduction in electrical bills
  • More reliable, also saving you money trying to replace the window units’ multiple times
  • Environmental – why buy multiple window units if they will become landfill
  • WIFI operated – adjust temperature from your phone (WIFI needed in home)
  • Tiny 2″ hold for AC lines and Electrical does not hinder the integrity of walls
  • Heating and Cooling – some window units are cooling only
  • Design – exterior unit is not much bigger than a brief case, can fit in tight places
  • Design – interior units are slim head units, variety of colors, durable
  • Quiet – much quieter then a window unit, you can barely hear them

NADACS Ductless AC Benefits Over Central AC

  • More efficient, a central AC has enormous amperage pull upon start up
  • Efficiency in electrical, a central AC cools the whole house, a minisplit, one room at a time
  • Design – less bulky exterior unit, slightly larger than briefcase means easy fit
  • NO DUCTWORK – never pay anyone to clean your ducts again
  • No more condensation around your central AC vents, which can cause mold
  • If your central AC fails, the whole house is hot, with single zones, just the room is hot
  • Quiet – half the house feels and hears a central AC unit start up, not a minisplit
  • Installation cost – no heavy duty electrical, ductwork, or costly huge systems

As listed above, the ductless AC benefits offer a great advantage over a window unit or central AC system.  To find out if a ductless AC unit is right for you contact us at (954) 514-7361.