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Boca Raton Mini Split AC

Boca Raton Mini Split AC

Why You Need a Boca Raton Mini Split AC System

The distinctive Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial architecture of Boca Raton sets it apart from most of the neighboring communities in the state of Florida. Summer temperatures routinely reach the 90s in Boca Raton. Staying cool in this tropical climate requires real effort on the part of residents in our area. At North American Ductless AC Systems (NADACS), we specialize in providing the Boca Raton mini split AC systems our customers need to beat the heat and stay cool and comfortable throughout the hottest part of the year. We work with our clients to provide the most accurate information and the best possible solutions for all their cooling needs.

Advantages of a Boca Raton Mini Split AC Installation

There are several reasons to consider a mini split system for your home or office in Boca Raton. These systems include a variety of benefits, are easy to install and require little disruption to normal activities, which can be very useful in the retail or office setting.

  • Energy efficiency is another big advantage of mini split systems. Because a mini split AC system requires no ductwork, there are no gaps or holes to allow cool air to escape. Instead, all the cool air is delivered directly to its destination to create greater comfort inside your home or office space.
  • Because you can attach several air handling units to the same outdoor compressor, you can create customized zones with different temperatures inside your home or office. This can be a real benefit for families with different preferences or for areas inside your business facilities.
  • In many cases, your Boca Raton mini split AC can be equipped with a control system that can be operated through your smartphone or tablet or from anywhere with a computing device and access to the internet.

NADACS will work with you to determine the most practical ways to address your current and future cooling needs. We can help you to design a mini split AC system perfect for your needs and your budget. Call our team today at (954) 514-7361 to order your system or to request more information from us. We are here to serve your cooling needs.

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