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Boynton Beach Mini Split AC

Boynton Beach Mini Split AC

Why You Need a Boynton Beach Mini Split AC System

With summertime temperatures reaching into the 90s in our area, finding the right solutions for keeping things cool in Boynton Beach, Florida, can help you stay comfortable even on the hottest and most humid days. The right cooling system can make a big difference in your cooling bills and your comfort this year. Here are some of the most important facts to keep in mind when considering a Boynton Beach mini split AC system for your home or office.

How Do Ductless Mini-Split Systems Work?

Like traditional central air systems, your mini-split AC system consists of an outside unit and an indoor air handling system. The outdoor compressor unit produces cool air that is then delivered to the indoor portion of the system. Air handling units inside your home or business then direct the cool air where it is needed most. Multiple indoor air handlers can be connected to one compressor, which can reduce the cost of cooling to a considerable degree.

The Benefits of Ductless Mini Split Systems

Investing in a ductless mini split system can provide you with some real advantages when cooling your Boynton Beach property. Some of the most important benefits include the following:

  • Increased floor space: Indoor air handlers can be mounted on walls to reduce the architectural footprint of these cooling systems.
  • No ductwork needed: As the name suggests, ductless systems require no ductwork and can be installed in any room or interior space regardless of the presence of ducts.
  • Easy installation: Most mini-split AC installations require only a small hole in the wall between the outdoor unit and the indoor air handler. This can reduce disruption for your home and business while delivering the cool comfort you need during the hottest Florida days.
  • Customized comfort: Multiple indoor air handlers can be connected to one compressor. Each of these indoor units has its own thermostat, which can make it much easier to create comfortable conditions for every area inside your business or home.

Buying a Boynton Beach Mini Split AC

North American Ductless AC Systems (NADACS) can help you choose the right Boynton Beach mini split AC system for your property. We offer high-efficiency options designed to provide you with the comfort you need and the flexibility you want for your home or business in our area. If you want to learn more or you are ready to purchase a ductless system, call NADACS today at (954) 514-7361 or email us at sales@nadacs.com. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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