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Winter Heat Wave Increases Demand for Central Florida Mini Split AC Systems

Florida Mini Split AC

Florida Mini Split AC Systems

With temperatures already at record highs this year, central Florida seems poised to experience a hot and humid winter and upcoming spring. A Florida mini split AC system is a great solution for dealing with unseasonable temperatures and heat waves in our area. These ductless systems work to keep things cool indoors without the time and disruption needed to install ducts or central air conditioning in your home. Working with a company that specializes in these systems can allow you to enjoy the benefits of mini-split AC in the state of Florida.

Improved Climate Control

Because your Florida mini split AC system is designed to cool a smaller area, you can customize temperatures inside your home or business to suit a wide range of needs. Mini-split systems can be used to cool an office space, bedroom or living room to the precise comfort level required. One outdoor unit can be used to power up to four indoor units, which can provide added control over indoor temperatures at home or at work. This can allow you to create comfort zones designed to suit individual needs and preferences.

Lower Utility Bills

Investing in a mini-split system can help you to conserve energy and save money on your utility bills. Because these systems are designed to cool only the areas within your home or business that require it, they can provide the right climate control at the lowest cost possible. This will reduce the amount of energy required to keep things cool indoors and will help you manage utility costs for your home or business in the central Florida area.

Easier Installation

Installing the ducts needed for central air conditioning systems is both costly and time-consuming. Ductless mini-split systems eliminate the need for these conduits and allow for fast installation with minimal fuss or disruption, which can help you to manage your cooling needs in the most practical and positive way possible.

Buying a

Florida Mini Split AC System

At North American Ductless AC Systems (NADACS), we specialize in providing the Florida mini split AC systems needed to keep your home comfortable during every season of the year. Our systems offer outstanding warranties and superior energy efficiency to keep your utility costs low and to help you enjoy the best and most practical solutions for your home or business. Call NADACS today at (954) 514-7361 to request more information or to order your mini-split system today. We look forward to the chance to serve you.