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South Florida split AC unit

South Florida Split AC Unit Offers The Best Cooling Solution

Ductless mini-split systems are increasingly popular, especially in areas that enjoy temperate to warm temperatures all year around. These South Florida split AC unit systems are relatively easy to install and require little or no disruption to the regular activities of your business or home. Understanding the way ductless mini-split systems work can help you make the right choices for your next HVAC installation.

  • 110V Volt for easy hook up
  • Gold Fin Technology on condenser to help prevent corrosion, rust, oxidation, and it is more conductive for better cooling.
  • Gold Fin Air handler is Antimicrobial and conductive for efficient cooling
  • Sleek Air Handler Appearance
  • Remote Control & Phone App to control from anywhere in the world (WIFI needed)
  • Hurricane Switch – run AC system with any generator during power outages
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty when purchased from NADACS and installed by one of our approved contractors*
  • Line Coverings to protect AC lines cosmetically blend to home
  • Hurricane Rated Bracket

*Warranty covers defects in manufacturing, not applicable to normal wear and tear, parts only, valid only when installed by one of our licensed AC installers.


(954) 514-7361

What Is a Ductless Mini-Split System?

Traditional HVAC systems require ducts and a central air handling system to circulate air throughout the building or area to be heated or cooled. By contrast, a ductless system consists of two basic components:

  • The outdoor compressor and condenser unit is used to heat or cool the air using the same methods that traditional heating and cooling systems do.
  • The indoor air-handling units are attached to the outdoor unit and provide on-the-spot delivery of cooled air in summer and warmed air in winter. Multiple air-handling units can be hooked up to a single outdoor compressor, which can make it much more economical to install these systems in residential or commercial properties.

Your South Florida split AC unit will typically provide you with significant advantages over traditional systems.

Benefits of Going Ductless

Ductless systems are ideal for new additions to homes or commercial buildings. These systems offer real benefits for other properties as well:

  • A ductless mini-split system typically requires little or no floor space inside your home or business. The air-handling units can be installed on walls to maximize the available working and living space, which can be a real advantage in smaller homes and office buildings.
  • Because each air-handling unit typically has its own temperature control, your South Florida split AC unit can allow you to set up customized zones that ensure the most comfortable temperatures for every room. This can maximize the effectiveness of your cooling system even during the hottest part of the summer in Florida.
  • Because ductless air-handling systems are designed to deliver cool or warm air directly to the room or area in which they are located, there is no inherent loss of climate-controlled air through cracks and gaps in the ducts. This ensures the highest degree of energy efficiency for your HVAC system and can reduce the cost of heating or cooling your home or your office space.
  • Ductless mini-split systems are easy to install. Installation of your South Florida split AC unit will usually take only a few days to complete and will require little or no disruption of your normal activities.
  • The direct application of heated or cooled air to the rooms in your home or business premises can ensure a much greater degree of comfort indoors. This can add up to greater productivity on the job and improved temperature control at home.
  • Modern control systems can allow anytime, anywhere access to thermostat settings to ensure that you enjoy the most comfortable indoor temperatures on the schedule you choose.

Depending on the configuration of your current HVAC equipment, your South Florida split AC unit may cost a little more than a direct replacement of a central air unit. This added cost can usually be offset by the lower cost of operation for ductless systems in our area.

At North American Ductless AC Systems (NADACS), we specialize in the most affordable South Florida ductless mini-split systems for our customers. We offer the most elegant and affordable options for enhancing your indoor comfort and the appearance of your home or office. Call us today at (954) 514-7361 or email us at sales@nadacs.com. The NADACS team is ready to serve your heating and cooling needs now and in the future.


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